What Others Are Saying . . .

Dave Ferguson “There is a lot of talk about ‘people from different religions getting along’ and at the same time ‘reaching the world’, but . . .more

Dave Gibbons “If you’re really about loving your neighbors, this forum is for you. . . more

Najeeba Syaaid-Miller As Muslims, we cannot just talk about Christians — we must step into the fray and engage as well . . . more

Pete Wilson “. . .one of the most unique conferences I’ve ever seen. . . more

Todd Rhoades “This isn’t a forum where everyone gets together to find common ground and leave singing Kumbayah. . . more

DJ Chuang “an important time, for Christians and Muslims and Jews and other faiths to be respectful of one another’s faith and yet allow one another to hold on to their faith convictions in contrast to some other inter-faith conversations where genuine differences are glossed over”. . . more video interview

John Esposito video interview

Ed Stetzer “In a multi-faith world, we recognize that we are not worshiping the same God, gods, or goals. And, we must not be offended by our desire to proselytize one another…” more